ST concert Laminate

model RC-STL


The only all-laminate instrument offered in the Romero Creations line. An innovative, world-class design that combines maximum portability, playability, sound, and value.


"The Water Sleeves Waltz" composed & performed by Daniel Ho, is from his World Music album Embroidering Melodies (Daniel Ho & The Suzhou Masters)

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The ST Concert takes the best features of the most popular sizes of 'ukuleles and brings them together, into one instrument.


The overall length of a Soprano - max portability!


A Tenor sized body - max sound output!


The scale length of a Concert - the most comfortable and convenient fretboard to play!


The ST Concert laminate (RC-STL) is the only all laminate instrument by Romero Creations. It’s an innovative, world-class design combining maximum portability, playability, and sound, at an incredible value.

  • Designed by Pepe Romero

  • Handcrafted, all laminate

  • 15” concert scale length

  • 12 frets to the body

  • Tiny Tenor body

  • Overall length of a soprano ukulele

  • Easy access to all frets

  • Powerful, crisp tone

  • High quality 16:1 tuners

  • Ebony fingerboard

  • Ebony bridge

  • Daniel Ho logo

  • Pepe Romero Strings: UT2 Tenor Ukulele Set (Low G)

    ★ Comes with a Romero Creations soft shell, eco-friendly case made by Access. “It is light, comfortable, and durable. I’ve been using it for seven years and it is in perfect condition.” ~ Daniel Ho

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